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Community Engagement

The value of a transactional online service is undermined if there is no real take up of the solution. This Strand seeks to help local authorities establish those aspects of a website that will engage with the community at large.

Community Engagement Modules

The strand has produced five transactional community-based modules to sit alongside or on-top-of the APLAWS system. These modules will help ensure that the usage of Local Authority websites rises among the target community.

The package is a J2EE application which delivers a range of publishing options for members of the local community based around Clubs, Events, Jobs, Locations and a broader Self-publishing module that allows users to publish a mini website in a controlled environment. There are a number of related deliverables around the community modules:

Usability and Accessiblity guidelines

In conjunction with IBM, LAWs has provided a summary of relevant usability and accessibility guidelines that will ensure that Local Authority websites meet the most stringent international requirements where necessary. These are available for reading online or as a PDF file (700k)

SOCITM Better Connected report

In conjunction with SOCITM Insight, LAWs helped to produce Better Connected: Building for the future. The results of the survey are based on the latest guidelines from Socitm Insight for creating and maintaining a transactional public sector website that is 'useful, usable, and used'. The report builds on the findings of five years work of Better connected surveys and additional research with the web management teams of the best local authority sites. You can download the report here as a PDF (500k)

For more information please contact the LAWs Project Office.

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