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What is LAWs?

What is the LAWs National Project?

To achieve the target of developing 100% electronically delivered or supported local authority services by 2005 will require that all local authorities should have access to appropriate technological solutions to enable transactions to be delivered online. Inherent in this facility is the requirement for a structured approach to information handling, publication and navigation. These solutions need to be customer focussed, standards based, easy to implement and use and relatively inexpensive. In addition, solution implementation needs to be supported by available and accessible skills, knowledge and best practice.

The LAWs national project aims to develop a set of assets that can be implemented on a modular basis depending on local technological and information management maturity.

There are 8 strands to the LAWs national project all being led by different partners. West Sussex County Council is the lead authority for the national project. They have asked iMPOWER to assist with Project Management and they run the project office. Other strands are owned as follows:

Strand Lead Partner
Starter Kit Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Content Management System London Borough of Camden
Community Engagement The Welland Partnership
Information Architecture and Standards London Borough of Camden
Organisational Development West Sussex County Council
Roll-out and Productisation Sopra Group
Dissemination West Sussex County Council
Project Management and co-ordination West Sussex County Council

What is a national project?

National projects aim to bring together central government, local government and the private sector to define and deliver projects and national solutions. These outcomes will ensure that councils have access to key electronic services and building blocks to meet the 2005 e-government targets.

Phase 1 and 2 national projects have been specified in the consultation paper e-gov@local, proposals for phase 3 projects have been submitted.

For more information on the National Projects please visit

Tameside Camden West Sussex County Council Local e-Government Office of the Deputy Prime Minister